I really need to come on here more regularly and browse. It fills me which such motivation and determination, and it’s been something I’ve really been lacking lately. I feel tired and lethargic and just not great consistently.

FIrst things first, April is going to be a dry month for me. I’ll also be sitting down on Monday and putting together a plan for the month. I really need to feel back in control of my life, my weight, and my finances!


God I am weak. Muscles hurt so much. >..<

Today is one of those days.

I feel fat and gross and blotchy and horrendous. I’m trying to combat it and think positive thoughts, whilst implementing actions I can actually control, but  just had to vent it somewhere.

I’m off to spend 45 minutes in a nice hot shower pampering myself to the best of my ability.

I’ve stuck to my new year’s resolution of getting back to the gym via running for the entirety of January, and I honestly feel great! Last week I ran the equivalent of 10.5 miles, and I’m just going to keep increasing my weekly distances for the rest of the month. I’m also trying to make better food choices, but I’ve let that a little less of a focus because I’d just like to get back into the routine of regular workouts for now.

It’s amazing though what an effect it has had on my energy levels. I have spent moans moaning in bed about getting up, trying to squeeze the last few ounces of sleep out of my day, and generally feeling groggy and gross the rest of the time. Things seem to be turning around though! I wake myself up earlier naturally, I’m less reticent to actually GET UP, and while I still have energy slumps at times, overall I feel much better.

I haven’t really noticed any solid weightloss yet, but I’m refusing to weigh myself until a month has passed, as I think it will make me focus a little less on the number on the scale so I don’t disappoint myself.

Giving up drinking for January hasn’t been as hard as I’d imagined either. The thought of getting drunk right now just seems so unappealing.

I hope you guys are having equal amounts of success with your resolutions!

New Year, New You, All That Jazz.

I must admit I have been completely off the wagon these past few months in regards to health and fitness. I haven’t been BAD, but I haven’t been good, and my 67 pound a month gym membership was completely going to waste. I just couldn’t really find the motivation to get me back in. I knew I if I started going, things would eventually fall into place, but I was just having immense difficulty getting that start.Cue New Year’s.

I know it’s trite and overdone and every year everyone says it/tries it/maybe accomplishes it, but I think kicking off 2014 has really put things into perspective. I’ve ordered my textbooks for my exams in May to start studying, I’ve organized my calendar for the next couple months, and I finally seem to be fitting in time to get back to the gym. I even signed up for a 10km race in May.

Previously, I think I was trying to pile on and change too much all at once to match what I had been doing before the lazy spell hit, and it just wasn’t working. So, this month I’ve decided to focus on meeting my running and mileage goals. I’ve written my running miles down in my diary, and I tick them off each day I complete them. If I miss a day, I add that mileage to another day or make it up some other way. I’m not sure what I’ll focus on in February, maybe I’ll incorporate some weights and focus on that for the month, before trying to marry the two in March, who knows. All I know is so far it seems to be working.

I’ve also given up drinking for the month of January (Christmas was just such an overindulgence in all things food related) and I must admit I feel a lot better already.

I wish you guys all the best in 2014, and hope that you’ve done a better job at sticking to your goals to date! I’ll be right back on track with you soon enough.